An Introduction…

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I’m probably the last Millennial to have discovered Twitter. I was becoming restless with how stuffy LinkedIn had become, and I was desperately seeking an outlet where I could be more candid with my industry-related views. Just over four months ago I created a Twitter account that I figured would just result in a few weeks of sharing snarky HR memes before it would fizzle out as another one of my abandoned side projects. Little did I know that late-night spark would stick and evolve into something so much more.

Almost immediately I discovered that there were many others like myself out there in the HR Community: we’re passionate, raw, sarcastic and won’t let a few curse words hold us back. Whether you want to call it a tribe, community, or collective, we’re all here for the same purpose: engaging and educating about our industry, having (mostly) lighthearted debates, and serving as selfless advocates for our employees and organizations.

A bit about me: I am a 28 year-old Wisconsin-native currently based out of Milwaukee, WI. I have 6 years of HR experience, and am currently specializing in Employee Relations for a Fortune 500 company. Previous industries have included healthcare and manufacturing, and I am currently in the Financial Technology sector.

On a more personal note: one thing you’ll quickly discover about me is that I am huge mental health advocate and am not shy about sharing my personal experiences. I am a high-functioning individual with Bipolar II Disorder, and actively encourage more individuals to share their stories to help combat the stigma and isolation that is often associated with having a mental illness.

I want to thank each any every one of you reading this for your support as I begin to share with the HR Community. I’ve found my seat at the table, and I’m not going anywhere.

– Alyssa Hernandez aka @HighonHR

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