Updates (August 2018)

foot sprain

Always bring your insurance cards on vacation, kids.

August always seems to fly by so quickly. Parents and students are currently being swept up by a wave of back-to-school fever, while others of us are counting down the days to the official NFL season kick-off (Go Pack Go, btw). In the past few weeks I’ve been super busy at my real job, began putting the final finishing touches on my blog, and managed to squeeze in some time to travel across the country (and sprained my foot in the process…). With everything moving by so quickly, I wanted to take the time to slow down and share a few updates:

The Blog is Here!

If you’re reading this, then obviously you know that I recently I launched my blog: High on HR. Four months ago I could have never imagined that a late-night meme-centric brainstorm would evolve into an entire (legit) platform to share with the HR Community. I continue to be amazed by the support, encouragement, and feedback I’ve received while establishing my format and voice. Stay tuned for new content throughout the month!

On (LinkedIn) Hiatus


I’m only a few posts into my blog, and I believe I’ve already made it clear that I’m growing tired of LinkedIn. Don’t get me wrongI owe a lot to the platform for being instrumental in guiding my career path, and will continue to preach its usefulness to friends and colleagues. With HR being such a well-networked and people-facing industry, it becomes too easy to rack up connections; Recruiters, Candidates, Employeesyou name it! When I first set up my account nearly 8 years ago, I had begun to fixate on the size of my network, which I began to correlate with my career potential. As I become older (and ideally wiser) I’ve become increasingly mindful of the quality of my connections over the quantity; unfortunately, this still leaves me with a cluttered newsfeed leftover from my younger and more zealous years. Last week I spontaneously updated my LinkedIn headline to “On Hiatus”, disabled all e-mail and push notifications from the platform, and signed out from all of my devices. Honestly, I’m not sure what my ideal objective is by taking this break, but hopefully I’ll be in a better frame of mind to evaluate my personal value-add with LinkedIn when I inevitably return.

Pack Up and Go

While I’m fortunate enough to have scored an extra week of vacation in my newest role, I haven’t exactly been given more time to actually plan a vacation. A few months ago I was turned on to Pack Up + Go, a travel agency that specializes in surprise destination vacations. Basically: you set your budget, tell them where you’ve been recently (so they don’t send you there again!), customize your interests/travel preferences, and BOOM—you’re done. A few days before takeoff, I revealed that I was heading to Seattle, and the trip was filled with great eats and drinks, amazing views, and a bookstore full of cats. Sadly on my second day I took a misstep on the sidewalk and ended up spraining my foot; I didn’t let this spoil my vacation and did what really anyone would do in my situation: continued to walk another mile back to the hotel, washed the pain down with a few tequila cocktails, and slept it off before realizing that going straight to Urgent Care probably would have been the better call the following morning…

I will fondly remember this trip every time I look at my souvenir walking boot and X-Rays.

On a Personal Note…

This past January I began coursework towards my Masters degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations. I had been mulling over the decision to return to school for years and it finally seemed like the perfect timing, as I had recently begun a new role specializing in Employee Relations. I spent my time carefully selecting a program that both provided the flexibility of completing my degree online and was part of a university with a nationally-recognized HR Program. Having focused on my mental health during the last two years, there was an extra layer of pride as I finally felt ready to take on a new challenge of this magnitude. I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish during this past semester, but ultimately I have decided to focus on my mental and physical health over the next several months. While making this decision I had feelings of being a failure for postponing my degree so early in the program, but also recognize that no personal accomplishment is worth martyring yourself over. I look forward to spending this time on creative endeavors and tweeting play-by-plays of NFL games Preseason through Superbowl.

Thank you again for your support over these past few weeks, and I look forward to continuing to engage and share with the community!

– Alyssa Hernandez

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